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Welcome to the Bear Arms Briefing, which will provide you with a snapshot of the biggest 2nd Amendment stories from the past 24 hours. Be sure to look out for this daily briefing every morning to keep up with latest gun and defense stories in America.  Today, we look into two instances where children under the age of ten somehow got their hands on a gun.

6-year-old boy shoots infant sibling twice after getting hold of a gun in Detroit

A 6-year-old boy shot his baby brother twice in Detroit on Wednesday night in the latest incident of children getting access to unattended guns, police said.

Video of 5-year-old smoking a blunt leads to arrest just weeks after the same boy was injured while playing with a gun

Police arrested a man in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, after a video was posted on social media that showed a small boy smoking marijuana from a “blunt,” or large joint, the man gave him.

Check back each day for a new set of stories which will follow a theme of the day.

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