(Courtesy of Largo Police Department)

The belongings discovered in the Toyota Corolla of Tomasz Kosowski, a plastic surgeon accused of murdering attorney Steven Cozzi, included guns, duct tape, a paralytic agent, and $280,000 in cash. Largo police arrested Kosowski after Cozzi went missing from his workplace on March 21, 2023. Although Kosowski’s arrest took place on March 25, Cozzi’s body has not been found.

Documents obtained by WFLA disclosed a comprehensive list of evidence found in Kosowski’s personal vehicle and property. The search warrant executed on his car revealed a substantial amount of cash, ski masks, various masks including a black plastic face mask and a Guy Fawkes mask, duct tape, plastic brass knuckles, a stun gun, a Tracfone, multiple firearms, a ballistic vest labeled with “EMS,” patches representing the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office and the Clearwater Police Department, industrial trash bags, a crowbar, and a vial of succinylcholine, which is a paralytic agent. Kosowski’s Polish and United States passports were also discovered.

Furthermore, a search of Kosowski’s garage uncovered license plates from different states. Both of his vehicles were equipped with tag-flipping devices that could change license plates while the vehicles were in motion, thanks to a wired button inside the cabin, as stated in the documents. Disposable gloves, Toyota Corolla manuals, gun parts, tactical body armor plates, velcro patches embroidered with “EMS” and “SHERIFF,” and a flashing light assembly for a vehicle were also found. The garage contained several guns, numerous ammunition boxes, a large bowie knife, and over one hundred rifles valued at thousands of dollars.

A judge ruled on Tuesday that Kosowski would be held without bond, citing him as a flight risk and a danger to the community.

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