A fisherman in New York City’s Jamaica Bay recently stumbled upon a large cache of guns, which law enforcement officials believe were stolen from a home in Putnam County, located over 70 miles away in Carmel. The discovery was made by a 44-year-old fisherman who noticed a plastic bag filled with weapons while fishing in the bay.

Upon reporting the sighting, Emergency Response Detectives Unit divers were deployed to recover the guns. The NYPD Special Operations team located three AR-15 rifles and a total of 14 handguns in a black plastic bag. However, there is no information about who may have dumped the firearms.

This discovery has raised concerns about gun theft and trafficking, as well as the possibility of illegal firearms circulating in the city. The NYPD has launched an investigation to determine where the guns came from and how they ended up in Jamaica Bay.

The discovery of a large cache of guns in Jamaica Bay is a cause for concern, and law enforcement officials must take steps to prevent the theft and trafficking of illegal firearms. Furthermore, responsible gun ownership and storage are critical in ensuring public safety and preventing the misuse of firearms.

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