Senator Mike Lee Speaking at CPAC / Photo By Gage Skidmore via ( flickr

Senator Mike Lee (R-Ut) has come out to condemn the Democrats and media over the ongoings regarding the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act. Specifically, Senator Lee took issue with the fact that the press got their hands on the legislation before he did.

While sitting down for an interview with BlazeTV host Glenn Beck on his radio show, Senator Lee slammed Democrat leadership for handing the, at that point, unfinished legislation over to the media.

“There were a group of senators, ten Republicans and ten Democrats, who got together and wrote this behind closed doors. I hope they read it. But I don’t think anyone else had the chance to. In fact, by yesterday afternoon, mid-afternoon, a number of news media outlets were reporting that they had the bill text. Senators still didn’t,” Lee said.

Senator Lee continued, “We received the bill text, just moments before we were expected to vote on it. It ended up getting an overwhelming vote, because basically all of Democrats and ten or 15 Republicans voted for it. This is stunning to me. This is not how the Senate is supposed to operate.”

There was also a point made in the interview about the Senator’s inability to actually offer amendments to the legislation. “This bill text is now sacred. It’s now protected. It’s like it’s on — on stone tablets. And you can’t change it from here on out. And this is how they set it up, so that they can pass it, as is, without any amendment. This is the Senate operating at its worst,” Lee said.

Senator Mike Lee, while extremely upset over the fact that the media got the legislation first, also wanted to hit home the more important point. That point is that no one outside of a select Senators got a say in this legislation.

Senator Lee would tweet his concerns with a simple graphic explaining his thoughts.

The bipartisan legislation was ultimately able to sail through the Senate, the House, and President Biden’s desk with no real issue. In the end, 15 GOP Senators and 14 GOP representatives voted to pass the legislation.

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