Johnny B has a new video for you! In todays video Johnny B wants to share an important message, the enemies of liberty are playing for keeps… why aren’t conservatives?


Johnny B speaks on his love of our Republic, Conservative Values, and spicy meme, on his popular YouTube channel, Johnny B. Holding a Master’s Degree in Professional Communication and a Doctorate in Education, Johnny is an active political commentator, comedian, professor, and film critic.

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Bemused Berserker
Bemused Berserker
15 days ago

I agree 100% with all three points Johnny B, and I think that’s been their obvious end goal ever since Obutthead was put in office.
I also believe that Civil War is coming, we’re but an event away from it. We’re past the point of reconciliation. It’s no longer possible to legislate our way out of this mess. The divide is too deep, and too wide between Americans and Libtards. There is no common ground anymore, and appeasement never works.
It’s time to “gird our loins” and prepare for the battle. It’s not even all about the 2nd Amendment anymore, we’re talking the fight for morality and sanity. Because the Left wants us dead. They want our children sterilized through puberty blockers and sexually assaulted by the Freaks and Monsters they are idolizing.
We need to determine at what point we will say no more. Personally, I’m already there. We will be facing our own military eventually, because Biden and the Ho will have no qualms about using the military against us. This means Guerilla Warfare will be our only option to oppose them. I expect a percentage of those currently serving will resign, but what percentage is the question. What thos Regime is doing to our Military is beyond the pale.
How far are we willing to go? The Constitution is the most excellent guide to self governance ever penned, but it is a poor guide for rebellion/resistance. We must look to an earlier document for the guidance and counsel. The document that tells us it is both our Right, and our Duty to throw off such a Despotic Government, and to establish New Guards for our Security.

We’ve a host of decisions we need to discuss and make, because the Leftist Libturd attack, will come with little warning. Best we make our preparations quickly and quietly.

Please let me know your thoughts on this matter.

Richard Gesch
Richard Gesch
15 days ago


14 days ago

I’ve Been Watching Gun Control For 50 Years, It Doesn’t Stop Criminals, It Targets LAW ABIDING CITIZEN’S!!! The Left Can’t Control Us Until They Disarm Us!!!

Last edited 14 days ago by Ken

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