Weapons handed over to police in the first ten days of gun amnesty are pictured in police storage following mass shootings in the country, near Smederevo, Serbia, May 14, 2023. (REUTERS/Marko Djurica TPX)

Philadelphia’s Democratic District Attorney, Larry Krasner, advocated for sensible interpretation of the Second Amendment on Wednesday, responding to the recent tragic incident in his city that claimed the lives of five individuals.

Stricter gun regulation in Philadelphia has been hindered by Pennsylvania’s preemption laws, which impede the city from enacting its own gun control measures. Krasner stated the commitment to overcoming these barriers remains firm. He echoed the sentiment of many constituents who are in favor of “reasonable” gun regulation, akin to that of automobiles.

In a direct appeal to potential officeholders, Krasner stated, “It’s time for those aspiring to public service to disassociate from NRA contributions, to distance themselves from the firearms lobby, and to rethink the current interpretation of the Second Amendment that has been widely promoted by militias, much of it inaccurately represented.” He continued, “The Supreme Court should critically examine this issue. Our nation should not be solely defined by firearms, but rather by its vibrant, living citizenry.”

These remarks were made following Monday’s horrifying mass shooting, where an individual clad in a bulletproof vest indiscriminately opened fire on vehicles and pedestrians, resulting in five fatalities and at least two injuries.

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