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As a vocal advocate for the Second Amendment, Missouri Republican Rep. Eric Burlison made a spirited Fourth of July appearance in a video that encompassed his passionate defense of American freedoms. Burlison, who first caught attention for his flamethrower usage during his campaign, utilized the device once again, alongside an AR-15, to celebrate Independence Day in a show of his unwavering support for the right to bear arms.

In the video, Burlison relishes in the spirit of American independence, showcasing his skills on a four-wheeler, firing an AR-15, and engaging in a fun cookout, employing his flamethrower for roasting hotdogs. He expresses, “Shoot some fireworks, or something else. Enjoy some great outdoor food, but most importantly be unapologetically proud of the greatest, freest nation on earth.”

Representing Missouri’s deeply conservative Seventh District, Burlison is a proud new member of the House Freedom Caucus. He is dedicated to serving on three committees – Oversight, Education, and Transportation – and to advancing the rights of gun owners. Upon entering Congress, he promptly joined forces with fellow conservatives to propose a repeal of the National Firearms Act (NFA) of 1934. This act requires potential gun owners to pay taxes and go through a registration process for certain firearms.

Addressing this move, Burlison said, “For decades, unelected bureaucrats have attempted to use the NFA to impose new regulations on gun owners without Congressional approval.” He referenced his record on gun rights from his time as a state lawmaker, which included successful efforts to lift restrictions on concealed carry permits and opposing any federal laws that might infringe on the Second Amendment.

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