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Radio host and conservative commentator Dana Loesch accused Pennsylvania Republican Senate Candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz of pushing “disinformation” about not only gun control but gun violence statistics.

Dana Loesch laid out her argument in a lengthy series of tweets responding to a claim from Dr. Oz that the CDC had been totally barred from studying gun violence.

At the time Dr. Oz had tweeted “Right now, the @CDCgov is NOT funded to study gun violence in this country. It’s time we treat shootings as a public health problem. Contact your congressperson today to demand they fund the #CDC to comprehensively study gun violence. #EndTheBan” 

“I have a major problem with Republicans who push disinformation like this. #2A#DrOz,” Dana Loesch responded.

As reported in The Daily Wire:

“The only people who talk like this are Bloomberg gun-control types. This demands explanation — not excuses or dodging. Remember the people who cover for it, too,” Loesch continued, noting that the CDC had studied firearms but had failed to report their findings for political reasons.

“Not only did the CDC study firearms, they specifically did NOT release surveys on defensive gun usage because it obliterated their gun control narrative. A gov’t agency used our tax dollars for surveys and hid the results from taxpayers in a bid to boost gun control,” she added.

Numerous reports have come out about Dr. Oz’s authenticity regarding his support for the 2nd Amendment. One recent story was about all the strange “hunting” photos that emerged, another involved Dr. Oz not wearing eye protection during his campaign ad where he fired several rounds downrange. Dr. Oz is even believed to have written several anti-gun articles prior to running for Congress.

As we reported previously:

Dr. Mehmet Oz, the famous celebrity Doctor, made headlines earlier this year when he decided he was going to run for Senate in Pennsylvania as a Republican. Things have taken a few turns in regards to his campaign over his support, or rather lack of support, for the Second Amendment.

Dr. Oz was accused of writing several anti-gun articles in YouDocs, but now the co-author of these articles is claiming that Dr. Oz never wrote them and it was all him.

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