Dr. Oz at ServiceNation 2008 / Photo by David Berkowitz via Flickr

Dr. Mehmet Oz, the famous celebrity Doctor, made headlines earlier this year when he decided he was going to run for Senate in Pennsylvania as a Republican. Things have taken a few turns in regards to his campaign over his support, or rather lack of support, for the Second Amendment.

Dr. Oz was accused of writing several anti-gun articles in YouDocs, but now the co-author of these articles is claiming that Dr. Oz never wrote them and it was all him.

The contents of these articles as reported by Breitbart:

The columns that Oz shared a byline on pushed extreme leftwing views in restricting the Second Amendment. One, in 2017, said it was “Scary!” that as many as 3 million Americans have loaded handguns they carry every day while also promoting Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Democrat talking points that “having waiting periods for gun purchases saves about 1,700 lives every year.”

Earlier, in a 2014 column, Oz and Roizen promoted the false equivalency between firearm ownership and smoking, arguing that gun ownership was a threat to someone’s health that doctors need to intervene aggressively to limit.

“Doctors aggressively advise patients not to smoke; and until the government embraces gun-safety measures (polls show that 79 percent of the population favors universal background checks for gun buyers), it’s every doctor’s responsibility to their patients and your responsibility to yourself and your family to reduce gun violence,” Oz and Roizen wrote in July 2014. The headline of that column played right into the left’s framing, saying explicitly: “Is Gun Violence a Public Health Issue?”

Oz and Roizen pushed gun control again in 2018 in a column where they advocated for stricter gun laws for public health reasons, writing that “there are twice as many pediatric firearm deaths in states with the most lenient gun regulations compared with states where gun laws are strictest.” And again in 2019 they ran this as the headline of their column: “Impact of gun violence hits Americans emotionally and financially.” In it, they write “national legislation would be good”—backing Democrat pushes for federal gun control.

These articles are the cause of concern for many in Pennsylvania who are looking for a pro-2A candidate. Many gun owners in Pennsylvania are looking to push Constitutional Carry in the near future and they want a Senator to help bolster the bill, despite that Senator being unable to actually vote on the bill or sign it into law.

Many GOP voters have grown tired of Republicans with no clear stance on the Second Amendment and are looking for someone who will throw down the gauntlet on this issue.

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