Screenshot via Walther Arms

It’s not every day that a firearm company releases something interesting.

There are always new releases that have minor improvements from the last release and there will occasionally be something worth taking a look at if it’s your preferred brand, but generally speaking, not everything is worth your time.

Walther’s Q5 Match is getting a new look, the already popular pistol is sure to catch even more attention with this new line of hand-engraved pistols, the Meister Manufaktur line from Walther.

These handguns are just the Q5s, but with a little more swagger.

There are 5 engravings you can get in this line; Arabesque, Patriot, Black Diamond, Black Tie, and Vintage. Take a look and let us know if you are picking up any yourself.


Screenshot via Walther Arms

Walther’s description: The “Arabesque” is a one-off, uniquely customized Q5 Match Steel Frame that takes the design idiom to a level not realized on production pistols before. With embellishments usually reserved for the best sporting shotgun and rifles, this is the perfect fusion of form and function combining sensuality and pure clarity, truly enhancing excellence.


Screenshot via Walther Arms

Walther’s description: The limited-edition “Patriot” model elegantly fuses the rich patriotic history of the United States of America with the unyielding performance of Walther’s Q5 Match Steel Frame. The distinctive engraving on this iconic pistol is immediately recognizable as an uncompromising embodiment of accomplishment and a passion for quality.

Black Diamond

Screenshot via Walther Arms

Walther’s description: The “Black Diamond” special edition takes the look and performance of the indomitable Q5 Match Steel Frame to a purposeful new dimension. With a futuristic lustrous finish, this distinctive pistol imbues a pride of ownership and is a statement of class.

Black Tie

Screenshot via Walther Arms

Walther’s description: The special edition “Black Tie” is deliberately understated, yet its refined looks and added performance, make this unassailable Q5 Match Steel Frame a modern classic. With an understated look that leaves no questions about its quality, we have fused performance and high-level aesthetic into a remarkable product.


Screenshot via Walther Arms

Walther’s description: The “Vintage” special edition emphasizes the sleek appearance of your firearm without lowering it’s effectiveness! Walther’s case color hardening combines both proven functionality and distinctive aesthetics to a degree that simply cannot be achieved by using any other heat treatment available today.

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