President Biden has long championed red-flag laws and more gun-control efforts. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Joe Biden is facing horrid poll numbers as he prepares to enter the 2024 presidential season. The low approval ratings for Biden touch on multiple issues which the public see him as handling incorrectly. Some of these issues include immigration, economy, and guns. According to the AP poll, only 30% of Americans approve of Biden’s handling of these hot-button issues.

According to The AP:

Zoie Mosqueda, 24, who does not identify with any political party, said her family is ready to buy their first home but with the average mortgage interest rate hovering around 6.9%, that goal, at least for now, is out of reach.

The woman from West Texas said she also has been frustrated with Biden’s handling of gun policy and said he’s fallen short on his campaign promise to implement a fairer immigration policy.

A recent spate of mass shootings around the country, including this month’s shooting at an Allen, Texas mall that left eight victims dead and seven others wounded, has left her wishing that Biden and lawmakers in Washington would do more to address the scourge of gun violence. Even among Democrats, the poll finds only about half approve of his handling of immigration and gun policy.

“Everything feels a bit crazy right now in this economy,” Mosqueda, a mother of two who works at a boutique and is looking to open her own business, said in explaining her disapproval of Biden’s performance. “My older daughter is in school now, and I just worry that this lack of gun policy stuff could affect her.”

You know Biden is in trouble when the majority of democrats think he is botching gun legislation also. Maybe Biden thinks that if he does nothing on the issue then he can keep his moderate voters and not ruffle any feathers.

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