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The gun grabbers want you to believe that if they get their way the bad guys will not get their hands on guns and after that, crime will be no more. Their plan only requires that you surrender to them all your means of self-preservation.

Convicted criminals are already barred from firearm ownership already, but they still seem to get their hands on firearms regularly. It is almost as if someone who intends to steal or kill will break the law to get the means to do so, one might even say that criminals break the law.

These interesting facts led us to this insane story. A shooting in an Italian prison, who was the gunman? One of the prisoners, how did he get a gun? A drone.

A 28-year-old Italian prisoner, who has links to the Neapolitan mafia, shot fellow inmates through the bars of their cells with a gun that was allegedly smuggled into the prison using a drone. The gunman held a guard at gunpoint and took keys to other cells, after getting the keys he attempted to get into the cells but failed.

After failing to get into the other cells he shot at other inmates through the bars of the cells, he somehow managed to miss every one of his targets despite them being in such a small confined space. Following this he took his phone out, another item prisoners are not allowed to have, and called his lawyer to discuss how he should handle this incredible failure of a hit. His lawyer instructed him to surrender to the other guards and turn in his firearm.

This story is nuts but it goes to show two very important things that a lot of people routinely fail to understand.

The first being that criminals do not follow laws and do not care if they break the law. This Italian mobster was ready to kill people, he did not care about the prison rules or the laws of Italy. This man had a gun and a phone, two things you are not allowed to have in prison, and managed to sneak both of these items into the prison.

The second being that criminals are not the brightest bunch. Despite being able to smuggle a firearm into a high-security prison using a drone, he couldn’t land a shot on any of his fellow prisoners. Please note that these other prisoners were also locked in a cell, he still managed to miss all of them and that is one of the craziest things about this story.

Italy has heavy amounts of gun-control regulation and this man was locked in a high-security prison, but he somehow managed to get a gun and tried to kill other prisoners. Gun laws do not stop criminals, no criminal thinks “Man, I was totally going to murder that guy but the law says I can’t own a handgun! Guess I won’t murder that guy after all.” If you think this is how the criminals in the world think, you are clueless!

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25 days ago

They have ZERO authority to deprive a person who is TOTALLY FREE from prison from their second amendment rights. They need to do their flipping jobs and keep them off the street if they are that bad. But then they won’t have the excuse to say we need more gun control. That B.S. came straight from the 68 GUN CONTROL ACT. The idiots know it won’t stop a person from getting a gun if murder is in his/her heart. But what they do know is most people who was put in prison over a felony don’t kill. What they do know is it’s a start for control. And I hear they are thinking about going after tax cheats (whatever that is) next. Any guesses who’s next? What needs to be done to these tyrants who are bringing in the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT with this fiasco needs to be EXECUTED. PERIOD. All you so called patriots can fall for their schemes. But if I stand alone I will not. I know of way too many people being brought up on trumped up serious charges because they are gun owners. And they know most if not all cannot afford to defend themselves. And anyone who does back these gun control measures needs their guns taken away since you do in fact support gun control. But none of this surprises me. We allow them to MURDER our unborn. Now the elderly. They care NOTHING for us. From so called cops to so called courts and so called politicians. They ALL have BLOOD on their hands. I hope everyone is happy. But make no mistake. God’s wrath has started. And the best is yet to come. I strongly suggest you take a account of yourself. As for me? I will not comply. Even if they deem me a criminal.

Thomas Ford
Thomas Ford
25 days ago
Reply to  RangerEDGE5

If they outlaw guns only outlaws will have guns Count me in


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