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The McCloskeys defended their property in 2020 by brandishing firearms in front of their home, they were charged and ultimately plead guilty to a series of misdemeanors. The couple was recently pardoned by Missouri Governor Mike Parson but this does not mean that they are out of hot water just yet. The couple may soon lose their law licenses over the guilty plea.

Alan Pratzel, the Chief Disciplinary Counsel of the Missouri Supreme Court, came out to comment on the couple, their pardon, and whether or not they should keep their law licenses.

Pratzel referenced several other cases in Missouri where lawyers were punished for crimes involving moral turpitude while recommending that the Missouri Supreme Court suspend the McCloskeys’ law licenses. Pratzel also recommended that the couple be given no ability to reapply for reinstatement in the next six months. As for the pardon granted by Missouri Governor Mike Parson, Pratzel said that a pardon erases a person’s conviction but their guilt still remains.

The McCloskeys have not responded to these demands by Pratzel at this time.

The effort by Alan Pratzel may be all for nothing, Mark McCloskey is currently running for Senate and that is taking up his time. This is a symbolic move by gun grabbers in the state of Missouri, interesting considering that Missouri is one of the “more free” states in the union.

It is unclear if the court will follow Pratzel’s recommendation but if they do, it is unclear if the move will have any lasting impact. It could be argued that it could help the McCloskey campaign, the liberals in government persecuting a conservative who simply defended himself. This would make for a great story on the campaign trail.

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