Photo of ATF Nominee David Chipman / Screenshot via Mike Lee on YouTube

Senator Mitch McConnell has informed the Biden Administration that they need to drop ATF nominee David Chipman.

More on the story from The Hill:

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) on Saturday urged the White House to withdraw President Biden‘s pick of David Chipman to lead the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), a nomination that has been stuck in limbo for weeks.

“The Senate has spent quite enough time flirting with this profoundly misguided nomination. The American people deserve a trustworthy steward leading the ATF. … It is time the Biden administration revisit this decision and send us somebody who fits that description,” McConnell said.

The GOP leader’s push comes as Republicans have been deeply critical of Chipman over his ties to the gun control advocacy group Giffords and say that he is too extreme to run a federal agency tasked with enforcing certain gun laws.

Politically speaking David Chipman has been one of the most controversial nominees for the Biden administration, the push back on Chipman has been bipartisan and universal from the public. The administration tasked a professional gun control activist with running the part of the government that regulated firearms among other things, it was a bad pick from the start.

Even if the Biden Administration were to continue pushing this nominee the chances of his being confirmed diminish daily. These comments from McConnell confirm that this is the case, any further effort by the Biden Administration on this nominee would be futile. McConnell likely wants to continue moving forward with a new nominee, one who has a chance of being confirmed.

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Tod Bartelss
Tod Bartelss
3 months ago

Remember the first red flag law of the 20th century ? a BANN in Germany on Jews & others they didn’t like from owning or possesing firearms ! ADD this TOOL to Mix ?????

gun control 2.jpg
3 months ago

The turtle is voting for the package to destroy America. He is as bad as Biden and Pelosi. This call to drop Chipman is just a diversion.

3 months ago

This radical,liberal,narcisist, is a total loser to head the ATF, he isn’t fit to lead this outlaw, department, and needs to dropped fron consideration.

3 months ago

Ohhhh bravery by Mitch. Too late a- hole!

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