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Currently, there are over 24,000,000 AR and AK-style rifles in circulation. If the gun grabbers are ever to be believed, it’s a shock there are not more mass casualty events with these things. Too bad they get things wrong constantly.


The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) released its estimates for the number of Modern Sporting Rifles in circulation since 1990. The organization suggested that there are approximately 24,446,000 AK or AR-style rifles in circulation throughout the United States. This is a massive increase since 2020.

NSSF pegged the number at around 19,900,000 back in 2020, so over the last two years, we have seen a massive expansion in the market for these rifles.

NSSF was able to obtain these estimates using data from the firearm industry and with the cooperation of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tabacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF).

As was reported by AmmoLand: 

This most recent estimate includes production figures current through 2020 when the industry estimates over 2,798,000 of these rifles were produced or imported. This estimate does not include MSRs that were produced and exported or imported and later exported.

The MSR remains the most-popular selling centerfire semiautomatic rifle in the United States today. There are more MSRs in circulation today than Ford F-Series trucks on the road.

“This is a truly significant figure that demonstrates – again – the popularity of this commonly-owned style of rifle,” said NSSF President and CEO Joe Bartozzi. “The firearm industry responds to market demand and this shows that during the elevated period of firearm sales that began in 2020, this particular style of rifle is the top choice for law-abiding citizens for hunting, recreational shooting and self-defense.”

The MSR’s popularity for lawful ownership is attributable to several factors, including accuracy, reliability, modularity, and low recoil.


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