Image by Brett Hondow from Pixabay

22 states have joined forces to bring an end to Biden’s gun control agenda. These 22 states are asking the Supreme Court to take up the Gun Owners of America(GOA) v. Merrick Garland case. The GOA lawsuit is an effort to stop the ATF from making thousands of law-abiding gun owners from becoming criminals overnight as a result of a rule change. 

The ATF have reclassified firearm accessories as firearms NFA items several times in the past, by doing this the ATF is making everyday Americans criminals for owning something that they purchased legally. This lawsuit from the GOA is specifically about bump stocks. 

This initial effort started in 2021 with fewer states but other states have joined this coalition as a result of Biden’s renewed push for gun control as it relates to attachments and accessories of a similar nature. 

Here are the states that are trying to stop the Biden administration from making gun owners criminals: 

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