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Brutal news folks, a Democrat Senator in Arizona had the audacity to tell a victim of sexual assault who was courageously speaking out about why she carries a gun that she should just “stay home” if she is afraid.

No one should ever have to be the victim of any crime, especially crimes of a sexual nature, and becoming a victim often puts people on the fast track to becoming gun owners themselves. Many victims of crime, sexual or not, end up becoming gun owners because what was once a distant fear became a reality and they never want to experience that feeling of helplessness again.

Lauren Snyder is a 2nd Amendment activist out of Arizona who chose to courageously speak out about the experiences that led her to become not only a gun owner and someone who concealed carries but an advocate for the right to bear arms.

Snyder’s tragic story is sadly not all that uncommon, she was violated and was almost kidnapped. It was after those tragedies that she decided she would no longer be an easy target and decided to get armed.

Snyder shared her story before an Arizona State Senate hearing about a bill that would decriminalize the carrying of firearms by concealed carry permit holders in public buildings. State Sen. Lupe Conteras, a Democrat, had one response for Snyder, “Stay home, behind closed doors.” Snyder was offered no ability to respond to this comment from the Democrat Senator.

Many online took this to be “victim-blaming” a practice where the victims of crime are blamed for the actions of criminals. This goes along the lines of “Well if you didn’t want to get robbed you shouldn’t have been wearing a nice watch,” many also saw this as the Democrat Senator “mansplaining” to the girl.

This comment was very out of touch on its own, but the precursor to Sen. Conteras telling the woman to “stay home” was more of the same. As Democrats often do before they begin to push their gun control agenda,  Sen. Conteras flexed that he was a gun owner himself who “hunts”. The tasteless comparison between legitimate self-defense concerns and hunting should be just as concerning as his disregard for Snyder’s story.

Crime is on the rise in America and more Americans than ever are learning how to use a gun and getting the paperwork to carry said gun. People are right to be worried about the state of the country and they have every right to look out for themselves and their families.

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