The Ghost Gunner 3 by Defense Distributed / Photo by Defense Distributed

Defense Distributed, the company responsible for the 80% lower craze and run by true 2A advocates, has released a new product… the 0% lower. As the name would suggest this is just a billet of aluminum that is the just the right size to be milled into an AR-15 lower. The ATF wants to ban incomplete firearms? Ban this sucker! 

Defense Distributed has been at the forefront of “Ghost Guns” and sells a machine called the Ghost Gunner, which is currently in its 3rd iteration. This new machine they sell is capable of taking a solid billet of aluminum and converting it into a lower receiver for an AR-15, which is the regulated component of the firearm. 

The company is now selling billets of aluminum for their machines and shipping them to every state in the country(except New Jersey). These billets of aluminum are technically “0% lowers” and that is what makes this so interesting. The ATF and Biden Administration have come out against 80% lowers, which are just billets of aluminum that have a few cuts and a few holes in them, where will the regulation stop? 

The regulations do in fact pass the eye test from the perspective of the gun grabbers, these are products that can(with some effort) be turned into guns. What test these regulations don’t pass though is the logic one, if a billet of aluminum with a few holes and cuts is considered a firearm and needs to be regulated because a degree of effort could turn into into an actual firearm, is a billet of aluminum with no holes and no cuts a firearm because someone could turn it into a firearm with a little more effort? Is a pipe with an internal diameter of 18.5mm a shotgun because you can turn that into the barrel of a makeshift shotgun? You get the point, I’ll stop before the geniuses at the ATF get any funny ideas. 

Defense Distributed’s new Ghost Gunner 3 can convert a block of aluminum into a lower receiver with the press of a button, the only thing the end user needs to do is buy a few bits from Walmart or Amazon and push a button. We are slightly exaggerating the process but the point is that it is an easy thing that just about anyone could do. The release of the 0% receiver is intended to mock the ATF and Biden Administration’s attempt to regulate incomplete lowers.

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Big Tex
Big Tex
6 months ago


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BIG tex
BIG tex
6 months ago

Can GG2 run 0%

Another grandslam Cody… Next we need 0% uppers.

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