FN 509 Midsize in holster / Photo by Chris O'Neil

The state of Pennsylvania is moving forward on Constitutional Carry, this state might end up being the next state on the growing list of Constitutional Carry States.

Constitutional Carry is an important issue for many gun owners, it is also one of the few issues that the 2A community consistently wins on. Constitutional Carry is the term we use to describe pieces of legislation that allow residents of a particular state to conceal carry or open carry without a permit or documentation. It is important to note that not every piece of legislation that is called Constitutional Carry is the same, Constitutional Carry states usually have minor variations in their laws but they all allow for permitless carry.

The Pennsylvania Senate passed senate bill 565 in a 29-21 vote that fell along party lines. The bill would decriminalize the carrying of a handgun without a permit but keep all other firearm statutes in place. This law only applies to conceal carry as the state already recognizes its residents’ right to open carry without a license.

Republican state Senator Cris Dush said, “it is patently unjust and constitutionally questionable to add layers of bureaucratic regulations on these law-abiding citizens just because they prefer to carry their weapon concealed.”

The legislation will now move on to the Pennsylvania House, which is controlled by a Republican majority, where it is likely to pass.

This bill will run into an issue when it gets to Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf’s desk. Governor Wolf is a Democrat and a major proponent of gun control, Governor Wolf has already promised to veto any legislation like this that comes his way.

The future is unclear, as always, but there is hope to be had for this legislation and the state of Pennsylvania.

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20 days ago

Chicken Shit Wolf will never pass that,

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