Johnny B speaks on his love of our Republic, Conservative Values, and spicy meme, on his popular YouTube channel, Johnny B. Holding a Master’s Degree in Professional Communication and a Doctorate in Education, Johnny is an active political commentator, comedian, professor, and film critic.

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Michael Graham
27 days ago

You hit it. This guy is bragging about being dirty. I worked in a violent city in California for 20 years. I only heard a “rumor” about one guy in my time on the department that “allegedly” carried a throw down. Some of us carried a backup piece that we owned and could be conveniently worn consealed while in uniform. These were NOT throw downs but good,functional, reliable weapons. Also, even the police can not possess a firearm with the serial number removed. This guys seems to have watched too much TV and believes the liberal hate cops talking heads. Thanks for your prospective.

27 days ago

Too many complacent people is the problem. They have slowly eroded your so called rights under the guise of crime control. And most of you bit on it. Enjoy. You will give them what the really want in the end.

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