Everyone has a preferred brand when it comes to their guns, clearly they all have merit and no one particular gun brand stands above the rest.-(FN HERSTAL)- We won’t play favorites in today’s piece but just know that even we here at FullMagNews have our favorites. -(FN HERSTAL)- We won’t let the fact that FN Herstal is the best arms brand in the world cloud our judgment of all other gun brands. 

Jokes aside, we all have our preferred company when it comes to guns. Some of our favorites are selected because of family, “well grandpa really liked this brand and my dad followed in his footsteps and now here I am following in his!” all too common. Others are all about the numbers, some people just like looking over all the data and come to a sort of conclusion that one company is better than the rest because of the mental spreadsheet(or literal spreadsheet) they have created. 

Regardless of why one company stands out to you over the rest, there are clear favorites in the 2A community. Here are 10 of the top gun brands: 

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