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With the rise of firearm ownership in the United States we have seen some great things and some not so great things occur in America. Support for the 2nd Amendment is high and more and more Americans are choosing to not be the victim around the country. We have also seen a staggering number of Americans hurt themselves by mistake and a lot of people mistakenly bringing firearms into airports by accident. 

Both these issues are the direct result of many new gun owners simply not understanding how to handle firearms and not understanding the gravity of firearms related laws. This lack of education amid normal, everyday people is the direct result of years of propaganda efforts by the anti-gun lobby and the false reality hollywood portrays in its block buster films. Nothing a good conversation can’t fix. 

Something very bad is stemming from these issues however. The anti-gun lobby in America is using this, sepciffically the guns in airports issue, to sink their teeth into carry rights around the country.

Currently in Pennsylvania, Biden appointed officials are using these misunderstandings to crush Concealed Carry permit holders. 

Stephen R. Kaufman, the Acting United States Attorney for the Western District of Pennsylvania appointed by Biden, is demanding that local sheriffs revoke people’s CCW permits if they accidentally bring a gun to the airport.

Accidentally bringing guns to airports has been an issue for a while. There is a pretty straightforward process for shipping a gun with the TSA but airports are hectic and people forget the most basic things amid the chaos. Accidentally putting a gun in your carry-on will not get you thrown in jail, but you may face a fine and have your firearms confiscated by airport authorities. 

This move by Kaufman to revoke the CCW permits of those who make this mistake is unprecedented, but it may be fully legal according to Pennsylvania law. In the state of Pennsylvania sheriffs have the ability to revoke CCW permits on grounds of “good cause.” This has been defined as sheriffs discerning that someone’s character and reputation are not up to snuff. Note that sheriffs could ignore this order by US Attorney Kaufman and continue as they have, but considering the track record of local police departments when it comes to enforcing orders like this, it’s not a good idea to stay hopeful. 

While an initial reading of Pennsylvania law might suggest that this is totally legal, Gun Owners(GOA) of America thinks that this request is drifting into troubled legal waters. According to Dr. Finnell, the GOA State Director, “there is no statutory authority for the Sheriff of Allegheny County or any other Pennsylvania sheriff to ” revoke any person’s CCW permit for accidentally taking a gun through airport security. 

Gun Owning Americans are facing new threats from the gun grabbers in Washington, their traditional means of gun control have begun to fail, the Supreme Court is in firm control of conservatives, they failed to throne one of their own as ATF Director, and more and more Americans have begun to wake up to the grand scam that is gun control. They are getting desperate and that will begin to show in days ahead.

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Gene Ralno
Gene Ralno
2 days ago

God knows smart people make stupid mistakes all the time. But punishing them will neither make a better person nor the nation a better place. It doesn’t take a smart person to know who’s stupid for confiscation due to one or two mistakes. Criminal acts are a much higher level of crime. Perhaps this heady conversation is above U.S. Attorney Stephen R. Kaufman’s IQ level.

2 days ago
Reply to  Gene Ralno

He’s a liberal so his IQ and comprehension are not very high.

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