FN Evolys / YouTube

FN has deployed a brand new machine gun, the FN Evolys.

The marketing team at FN Herstal released a promotional video for the product while at a conference.

The FN Evolys is FN Herstal’s take on a next-generation machine gun. The firearm resembles the M249 but comes in at only 14 pounds.

The Evolys will be available in 5.56 and 7.62 and will be belt-fed.

The Evolys uses a 14 or 16 inch barrel and both the 5.56 and 7.62 versions have an open bolt gas-operated short-stroke piston action for reliability. The Evolys is of carbine length as a result of the barrel.

FN Evolys / YouTube

The Evolys will be ambidextrous and was totally redesigned from the ground up to meet this need. A major part of the redesign is the ejection port, unlike other machine guns, this one has the ejection port on the side. This redesign allowed FN to add a full length rail on top of the gun, it is not segmented like other firearms that claim to have full length rails.


FN Evolys Ambidextrous Reload/ YouTube
FN Evolys Adjustable Stock/ YouTube
FN Evolys Ambidextrous Selector / YouTube

More details about the firearm will be revealed at the upcoming DSEI International trade show, that will be in London. We will also get another look at the next SHOT in January.

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1 year ago

If it were only legal in the US (as it should be). And why should it be? Because of the 2nd Amendment. The Constitution (and the amendments) is a political document, written by the Founders to resist repressive government. They had just fought a ruinous war with such a government, and wanted no more of it. Firearms, in the hands of American citizens were there to shoot government agents, should that occasion again arrive on North American shores. In modern times, it looks like that long awaited occasion has again arrived. Full automatic!!

1 year ago

Every Conservative in America should be issued FN Evolys so when Chinese dissidents come over the inevitable hill ??

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