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Ohio has passed stand-your-ground legislation.

Stand your ground legislation removes the requirement that one must attempt to retreat from a confrontation before shooting or using force in a self-defense situation. Many are praising the legislation as a step towards ensuring that the citizens of the state can defend themselves if needed. Republican Governor Mike DeWine committed to signing a bill like this if it ever came forward and he lived up to that promise.

From WKYC: 

“I made a commitment when I ran for governor that I would sign a bill like that,” Gov. DeWine said in January. “It puts us with the majority of states, not the minority of states that have something very similar to that.”

With DeWine’s signature, Ohio became the 36th state to no longer require people to retreat before they can justifiably hurt or kill someone with a gun in self-defense.

DeWine’s decision to sign the bill was met with strong opposition by several Northeast Ohio political leaders, including Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan.

“This legislation will make Ohioans, including law enforcement officers, less safe by encouraging and justifying armed vigilantism in our communities,” Horrigan said in a statement on Tuesday.

While the bill has its supporters there are some in Ohio who are opposed to the measure. Cleveland Councilman Basheer Jones said that the bill would lead to the deaths of black and brown people. “How many news stories have there been about police being called because black families were picnicking in a park, or bird watching, or doing their jobs? What will happen now?… I had faith that the governor would veto it. We are disappointed and we won’t forget this.” Jones would continue.

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