Missouri lawmakers are looking to invalidate federal restrictions on firearms in the same way local Democrats created Sanctuary cites where local law enforcement was not allowed to contact ICE.  This measure would bar law enforcement officials from using federal laws to confiscate firearms. More from KRCG:

Missouri lawmakers are advancing a bill to ban police from using federal laws to take away people’s guns.

The GOP-led House on Wednesday voted to give the bill initial approval.

A previous version of the bill would have disqualified law enforcement officers from serving as state police if they violated the policy.

But it still would subject police departments that employ officers who take away guns based on federal laws would to lawsuits and $50,000 fines.

The bill has already passed in the Missouri House and is now moving into the Senate. The fines involved in the bill would be put against the department as opposed to the individual law enforcement officer. Democrats in the state have stated that this effectively amounts to “Defunding the Police”, local law enforcement have argued that the bill will prevent them from working with federal authorities.

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