The Obama Administration targeted gun manufacturers by using financial regulators to go after the industry. This was called ‘Operation Choke Point‘ and was a major scandal for the Obama administration, now the left is looking to make this a policy. More from America 1st Freedom: 

Then, very late in the Trump administration, the OCC announced a final rule and sought public comment. Activists on the Left and in some financial sector institutions protested, as they didn’t want to have to assess companies they don’t like. This rule didn’t attempt to force them to work with any companies; instead, it cautioned them from discriminating against entire industries.

Now the rule has been “paused.” The OCC now says it wants to “allow the next confirmed Comptroller of the Currency to review the final rule and the public comments the OCC received.”

“The Biden Administration has fired the first shot by improperly interfering in the affairs of the OCC which is an independent agency,” said Larry Keane, the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s senior vice president for Government & Public Affairs and general counsel.

“There’s no reason for today’s action by career officials in the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency other than bending to political pressure from big banks, and stalling or eliminating the rule will not stop the efforts of those of us who support it from continuing these efforts. The Biden Administration should use this opportunity to demonstrate leadership and not just be puppets for the large financial interests who back them,” Sen. Kevin Cramer (R-N.D.), a member of the Senate Banking Committee, said in a statement.

Joe Biden is looking to target the gun manufacturing industry, an industry he has called the enemy. Gun control legislation has been unsuccessful in the past and will likely continue to be, targeting manufacturers may be the only way the Democrats can score a win on this issue. Ammo and Gun Manufacturers are the prime targets for legislation because they raise less concern than standard pieces of legislation.

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