Branson Police

Just after the clock hit 10 p.m. in the town of Branson, Missouri, the glint of patrol lights filled the air around a local gas station. Branson’s police were on the prowl, and they’d found their mark. Alone in a vehicle, with only his dog for company, was the man they’d been hunting: Randall Wesolek Jr., 43 of Taney County.

As officers approached the car, tensions spiked. The confrontation unfolded as they tried to coax Wesolek out of his car while he held onto his grey Pit Bull. Suddenly, a gun came into play, prompting the officers to react. Watch how it all played out:

Tragically, in the aftermath, Wesolek succumbed to his injuries on site. Our boys in blue remained unharmed.

But there’s another twist: Wesolek’s four-legged friend, a striking grey and white Pit Bull, seemed to have gotten caught up in the commotion and made a run for it. As of now, the pooch remains missing, and officers are on the lookout.

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