Screen grabs from New Rochelle Police officers' body camera footage showing the moments before one of them shoots and gravely injures theft suspect Jarrell Garris. Police say Garris reached for one of the officer's guns on July 3, 2023. (New Rochelle Police Department)

Recently the New Rochelle Police Department shared with media outlets body camera footage from three officers involved in a shooting incident. In the video, officers Kari Bird, Gabrielle Chavarry, and Detective Steven Conn interact with a man, Jarrell Garris, suspected of shoplifting from a local grocery store. The incident took place on Lincoln Avenue, near North Avenue in New Rochelle, a city situated approximately 25 miles north of New York City.

Watch the bodycam footage below:

The video depicts two female officers, Bird and Chavarry, questioning Garris about his activities in the store. They ask, “What were you doing in the store? You were eating the food?” Shortly thereafter, Detective Conn arrives on the scene and tells Garris he is under arrest.

Garris appears to struggle while being handcuffed and then he lunges at the officers gun, leading Conn to shout, “Tase him. Tase him. Tase him … He’s got a gun!” The video footage stops abruptly before the actual shooting takes place after Garris reaches towards an officer’s belt.

This incident led to a severe injury for Garris, who is now brain-dead but alive contrary to initial reports. The hasty release of the footage has sparked debate among experts over whether it was appropriate to publicize it so soon.

Adding to the confusion, Representative Jamaal Bowman (D-N.Y.) incorrectly announced Garris’ death before retracting his statement after learning the suspect was still alive, albeit with severe brain damage, as reported by the Daily Voice. Despite viewing the footage, Bowman remains unconvinced that the use of lethal force was warranted in this situation.

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