A police officer walks by an entrance to The Covenant School after a shooting on Monday. John Amis/AP

The parents of two families, who suffered the loss of their children in the mass shooting incident at The Covenant School, have have submitted formal objections against the potential public dissemination of the shooter’s personal writings.

These declarations were also supported by the parents of surviving students, who experienced the tragic event that took place on the morning of March 27, 2023.

Through a combined statement, the parents of Evelyn Dieckhaus expressed their desire for a more compassionate and clear perspective that could contribute to meaningful changes. They believe such changes should not involve providing public access to the shooter’s writings, which could possibly serve as an inspiration for others planning similar atrocities.

Other families from the Covenant School have also made similar views public recently:

The mother of William Kinney echoed the same point, writing in her 8-page declaration, “It is disgusting enough that the petitioners here demanding the release of these materials seek their own notoriety and serve commercial interests under the guise of ‘open government’ and ‘freedom of information,’ but most reprehensible of all, they are ultimately working on behalf of the Covenant school shooter to accomplish her final desire: Immortality.”

A father of two children who attend Covenant School reported in his declaration that his children have recurring nightmares, are afraid of loud noises and the family is unable to go anywhere there are large crowds. He states, “We pray that the shooter’s writings are never released to the public for fear of a copycat killer being inspired by an evil voice from the grave…The victims of The Covenant School shooting are silenced forever, so why give voice to a villain?”

One family said releasing the writings is “opening to all the world the writings of a deranged and psychopathic killer, thereby giving inspiration to the next heartless shell of a human looking to ‘make their mark.’”

The shooter’s family has transferred ownership of the seized documents from their residence to the children of The Covenant School. This includes what has been referred to as the shooter’s “manifesto”.

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