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Welcome to the Bear Arms Briefing, which will provide you with a snapshot of the biggest 2nd Amendment stories from the past 24 hours. Be sure to look out for this daily briefing every morning to keep up with latest gun and defense stories in America.  Today, we delve into gun legislation which is currently under consideration or scrutiny.

Second Amendment group to urge Congress to overturn ATF pistol brace rule

A grassroots Second Amendment group plans to urge Congress to take bolder action on the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives’ (ATF) rule banning pistol braces.

Starting pistol: Permitless carry expands to majority of US after Supreme Court gun ruling

One year since the Supreme Court recognized a right to carry firearms for self-defense in public, a majority of states are now paring back regulations on the Second Amendment, while states with gun control are encountering legal challenges for enforcement.

Check back each day for a new set of stories which will follow a theme of the day.

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