Robert F. Kennedy Jr. visits “The Faulkner Focus” at Fox News Channel Studios to discuss his presidential campaign and how he plans to beat Ron DeSantis. Getty Images

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a remarkable presidential contender who unveiled his stance on gun rights that challenges preconceived notions. In a recent interview with The Epoch Times, Kennedy, the distinguished nephew of President John F. Kennedy, confidently asserts his unwavering support for the Second Amendment, vehemently dismissing any notion of a gun confiscation program under his potential leadership. With a resolute commitment to upholding the Constitution, Kennedy’s unique perspective promises to captivate and intrigue both staunch supporters and curious onlookers alike.

According to Epoch Times:

“I’m not going to take anybody’s guns away,” he said. “I think at this point in history all that would do is to increase this toxic polarization.” Kennedy said that he grew up in rural areas, and thus understands how “integrated” firearms are into the culture of such people.

“It’s existential for those people who live in those areas,” Kennedy said, citing the self-sufficiency required to live far from civilization centers.

“And it’s part of our Constitution, the Second Amendment as the Supreme Court has interpreted it.”

The current Supreme Court has veered toward defending gun rights, striking down state-level statutes in several cases where it said these statutes trampled constitutional rights. Kennedy said that “we need to end the mass killings,” but suggested that gun confiscation or limitations on gun rights are not the way to achieve this goal.

In a fervent pursuit of the Democratic nomination, Kennedy finds himself amidst a captivating political landscape. However, the path to the presidency appears increasingly elusive as party executives assert their authority, denying Kennedy and fellow Democratic contenders the opportunity to engage in a high-stakes debate with President Joe Biden, a spectacle eagerly anticipated by the American people.

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