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On Wednesday, the U.S. Supreme Court permitted an Illinois ban on assault weapons move forward while lower courts make further deliberations. A challenge to the law was recently filed in the city of Naperville by gun shop owner Robert Bevis, who claims the ban violates the Second Amendment and has destroyed his business. Justice Amy Coney Barrett is mandating the city responds to the challenge by Monday. The injunction is officially titled Bevis v. Naperville and the State of Illinois, No. 22A948.

According to Fox News:

The National Foundation for Gun Rights (NFGR) a legal group associated with the gun store that requested an injunction, expressed disappointment with Wednesday’s ruling. The group remains committed to fighting Illinois’ ban, however.

“Any action the Supreme Court would have taken at this point would only have been temporary and not on the merits of the case itself. Clearly, the Supreme Court is watching the issue closely and we look forward to appealing very soon on the merits if the 7th Circuit rules against us – as the signs currently point to,” said Hannah Hill, Executive Director of the NFGR.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit is currently considering the case. The request for an injunction went to Justice Amy Coney Barrett.

Illinois passed the Protect Illinois Communities Act on Jan. 10, banning the sale, purchase, manufacture, delivery and importation of “assault weapons” and large capacity magazines, with exceptions for law enforcement, military members and certain other professionals with firearm training. The legislation specifically names the AR-15 and AK-47 rifles and requires lawful owners of semi-automatic rifles to register their ownership with state police.

Conservative justices on the Supreme Court, like Coney Barrett, will be crucial in the fight against gun control laws. There is no question. the push for gun bans by Democrats is stronger than ever. Conservatives will need to come together in order to protect the freedoms which our founding fathers knew are so crucial to maintaining the nation.

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