Metropolitan Nashville Police Department

In a remarkable turn of events, the Nashville school which was subject to a shooting which left 6 dead is now filing to block the release of the shooter’s manifesto. The manifesto has gathered public attention ever since police revealed it was found at the shooter’s house and proves that the attack on the school was targeted. To bring further attention, the shooter, 28-year-old Audrey Hale, was a former student at The Covenant School and was identified by police as transgender.

According to Newsweek:

Court records show The Covenant School, a private Christian institution, filed an expedited motion to intervene on Monday. The motion was granted the following day, allowing the judge to hear arguments on whether the full, unredacted document should be made public. The hearing will take place on Thursday.

A copy of a similar motion, obtained by local news network WSMV, was filed by the adjoining Covenant Presbyterian Church on Friday. The manifesto may include information owned by the school, such as schematics of the buildings and confidential information about its employees, the church argues.

“Covenant Church is so situated that the disposition of this action may impair or impede its ability to protect its interest and the privacy of its employees,” the motion reads.

The motion brought by the Christian school relates to two separate cases in the Nashville Chancery Court seeking the release of the manifesto. After the lawsuits were filed, the Metro Nashville Police Department stated on May 3 it had been advised by counsel to temporarily hold the release of the records until the court had made a ruling.

A Nashville court is currently in possession of Hale’s manifesto and a judge will make the decision on whether to release it in the coming weeks. There are multiple cases within Nashville courts seeking to make the manifesto public and the lawsuits claim that the writings should be released since law enforcement publicly acknowledged the attack was targeted.

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