CNN's Kaitlan Collins continues to question Trump on 2020. Photo/CNN

As Donald Trump took the stage at the CNN Town Hall last night, many eagerly anticipated a discourse concerning the future and a meaningful exchange between Trump and American voters. Regrettably, what unfolded was an onslaught of leftist criticism directed towards the former President, overshadowing the discussion on present-day pressing matters. But Trump did provide Americans with a sound and coherent view of gun control in modern America.

According to Newsmax:

On gun violence, the president said the recent rash of mass shootings were the result of a mental health crisis and that he would consider arming teachers and hardening schools to protect children.

“We have a very big mental health problem in this country. And again it’s not the gun that pulls the trigger. It’s the person that pulls the trigger. And we have to protect our Second Amendment,” Trump said to applause.

Following the conclusion of the Town Hall, CNN invited seven voters who expressed their support for Trump, encompassing both Republicans and Independents, to share their perspectives and opinions on the event. However, as expected, the discussion regarding the 2020 election persisted even further. Remarkably, all seven voters conveyed a similar sentiment, expressing their exhaustion with the continued emphasis on the 2020 election and urging the media to stop incessantly probing about it. In fact, a few of these participants candidly advised CNN’s National Correspondent, Gary Tuchman, that if the media truly desired to move on from the subject, they should not have repeatedly dwelled on the 2020 election. Perplexingly, CNN appears to possess an immense fixation on clinging to 2020 and pursuing Trump, to the extent that it almost appears to border on obsession.

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