Firearms are seen at Bob's Little Sport Gun Shop in the town of Glassboro, New Jersey, on May 26, 2022. TAYFUN COSKUN/ANADOLU AGENCY VIA GETTY IMAGES

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem made a significant announcement during her speech at the National Rifle Association’s annual forum in Indianapolis. In an effort to protect the Second Amendment rights of South Dakotans, Governor Noem signed an executive order that would prevent state government agencies under her jurisdiction from entering into contracts with businesses that discriminate against firearm-related entities.

“We’ve recently seen in this country that banking institutions are discriminating against firearm companies or ammunition companies. So what I did was sign an executive order that would prevent the state of South Dakota from doing any business with financial institutions that would do that type of discriminatory action against our Second Amendment rights,” said Noem after signing the order in front of thousands at the NRA convention.

Pro-gun lawmakers in the South Dakota Legislature had attempted to pass a similar measure during the 2022 session with support from the National Rifle Association. The proposed legislation sought to ban state government agencies from contracting with banks or other financial services that discriminated against firearms businesses. However, lobbyists from the South Dakota Bankers Association, the Independent Community Bankers of South Dakota, and other pro-business groups were successful in convincing the Senate Commerce and Energy Committee to defeat the legislation.

“It’s incredibly important that we set and lead by example. And this executive order is one way that we can do that, to continue to stand for constitutional rights of the people in our state,” Noem added.

Governor Noem’s executive order aims to provide additional protection for gun owners in South Dakota by ensuring that state government agencies do not engage in contracts with businesses that discriminate against firearm-related entities. The order sends a clear message that the governor is committed to upholding the Second Amendment rights of South Dakotans and promoting a pro-gun agenda.

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