Metropolitan Nashville Police Department

Police have released new details surrounding the tragic Nashville school shooting which resulted in the deaths of six individuals. The shooter, Audrey Hale, fired 152 rounds during the 14-minute assault on the Covenant School, according to a report by officials. The police also confirmed that Hale, who was transgender, had been planning the attack for months, and had also considered the actions of other mass murderers.

“In the collective writings by Hale found in her vehicle in the school parking lot, and others later found in the bedroom of her home, she documented, in journals, her planning over a period of months to commit mass murder at the Covenant School,” the Metro Nashville Police Department said.

“It is known that Hale considered the actions of other mass murderers,” the release also stated.

Hale targeted the Nashville private elementary school, although not specific individuals, and had explored other locations, including two public schools. The shooter carried two assault rifles and a pistol for the attack. Surveillance footage captured Hale shooting into the school’s locked side doors and crawling in through the shattered glass. The footage also showed Hale stalking through the empty halls of the school while 911 calls poured in.

The released 911 calls reveal the fear felt among students and staff as they hid from the heavily armed attacker. Nine-year-olds Evelyn Dieckhaus, Hallie Scruggs, and William Kinney, school janitor Mike Hill, substitute teacher Cynthia Peak, and headmistress Katherine Koonce, were among those killed in the assault.


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