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Police in Columbus, Ohio are seeking two individuals who attempted to fire a gun inside a Chipotle restaurant, claiming they didn’t receive enough cheese on their order. The dispute began when the pair complained about their order and argued with staff members, resulting in them cornering one employee and pulling off her hat.

Central Ohio Crime Stoppers said in a news release, “The suspects then proceeded to ransack the restaurant throwing chairs and trash cans.”

According to reports, one of the two individuals pulled out a weapon after the woman’s colleagues came to her defense. The second individual repeatedly urged them to shoot the workers. Witnesses have reported that the gun misfired before the pair proceeded to throw chairs and trash cans around the restaurant.

As they left, they also stole a cell phone from a customer. The Columbus police have urged anyone with information about the incident to come forward, and a reward is being offered by the Central Ohio Crime Stoppers.

Such incidents are not only violent and dangerous but also entirely unacceptable. The employees were only doing their jobs and didn’t deserve to be threatened and attacked in such a manner. It’s alarming to think that someone could become so angry and violent over a small mistake like a cheeseless burrito.

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