Metropolitan Nashville Police Department

According to surveillance footage, 28-year-old Audrey Hale used a carbine that fired pistol rounds, rather than an AR-15. hale was in possession of three firearms during the attack: an AR-pistol, a handgun, and a carbine. However, police photos indicate that the AR-15 was not among them.

Watch How Police Officers Took Out Nashville School Shooter In Mere Minutes

The carbine used by the suspect is designed to use 9mm or .40 caliber handgun rounds. It appears that the attacker may have used the AR-pistol to shoot and shatter the glass on the front door, as seen in surveillance footage. However, in other photos and videos showing the suspect walking through the halls, searching for potential targets, she is seen holding the carbine.

It is important to note that the weapon used by the suspect is not an AR-15, as previously reported in some media outlets. Instead, it is a carbine that uses pistol rounds. This information is significant as the AR-15 is a controversial firearm that has been associated with several high-profile mass shootings in recent years. The use of the term “AR-15” in relation to this attack could have led to further stigmatization of the firearm and the gun owners who possess it.

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