Denver police identified Austin Lyle as the East High School shooting suspect. (Denver Police Department)

A 17-year-old student who is accused of wounding two administrators at East High School in Denver, Colorado, was found dead in the woods near an abandoned car, according to a coroner who confirmed the news on Thursday morning. The body was discovered not far from the student’s car in a remote mountain area about 50 miles southwest of Denver, near the small town of Bailey in Park County. The town had been ordered to shelter in place while officers from a number of agencies including the FBI combed the forest. The suspect was identified as Austin Lyle, and the police shared photos of the student and his vehicle, a 2005 red Volvo XC90. He was wanted for the charge of attempted homicide.

“They should be relieved that we came up here and solved the problem,” Park County Sheriff Tom McGraw said. “Be comfortable and know that everything is closed up now.”

The news of the shooting had caused chaos in the Denver community, with parents and students alike fearing for their safety. The shooting had taken place on Wednesday, and one of the administrators shot was in surgery, while the other wounded was able to talk and give statements regarding what happened, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock told reporters. The situation had been contained, and the students were being released to their parents outside the building.

The discovery of the suspect’s body has brought closure to a difficult and traumatic event for the Denver community. The news of the shooting had shocked the nation, and many were left wondering what had led to such a violent outburst. The circumstances surrounding the incident are still being investigated, and it may be some time before a full picture emerges.

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