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A man from Nashua is set to appear in court after he allegedly brandished a gun during a road rage incident with a plow driver. The altercation began with a collision outside a 7-Eleven store in Nashua during a snowstorm on Tuesday. The police have stated that Wesley Quiroz hit a pickup truck that was preparing to clear the store parking lot. The two drivers got into a dispute and Quiroz is alleged to have pulled out what the plow driver believed to be a firearm. The driver fled into the 7-Eleven, and store employees locked the doors.

The police officers present at the scene interviewed everyone involved, but some were less cooperative than others. Detectives were called to the scene and spoke to everyone, leading to the recovery of a firearm and an arrest warrant for Mr. Quiroz. He was later charged with criminal threatening with a firearm.

The plow driver, who chose to remain anonymous, expressed his shock in a statement at the escalation of the situation. He said he could not believe that a simple traffic accident had turned into a life-threatening situation over a minor issue. The plow driver commended the Nashua police, detectives, and district attorney for their exceptional handling of the case.

Quiroz’s defense attorney argued in court that his client believed he was acting in self-defense. He further contended that there was conflicting evidence as to whether the gun was brought out during the altercation. The judge ordered a mental health and anger management evaluation and a hearing to review evidence to determine if Quiroz acted in self-defense before considering bail.

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