Columbia County School District Police. WRDW

Columbia County School District in Georgia has announced that a teacher found a gun in a student’s bag at Blue Ridge Elementary in Evans, resulting in a charge of reckless conduct against the student’s guardian. The firearm was found in the student’s diaper bag, and the teacher immediately alerted the school resource officer and administration. There was no immediate threat made against the school or its occupants, but the gun was confiscated and secured. School operations resumed as normal for the remainder of the day.

The incident occurred one day after an inappropriate and threatening comment was made by a student at Columbia Middle School. School administrators were informed of the comment, which suggested the use of an explosive device at the school, and contacted the Columbia County School District police to investigate. The student was subsequently charged with terroristic threats and will be held accountable according to the school’s code of conduct.

These incidents have occurred in the wake of a recent gun incident at Glenn Hills High School, which is part of the Richmond County School System, in which a student was found in possession of a firearm. The Columbia County School District takes any incident of potential danger seriously and will take appropriate measures to ensure the safety of its students and staff.

The district has not released further details regarding these incidents, but it is a stark reminder of the importance of maintaining a safe learning environment. The district has urged parents and guardians to remind their children of the importance of reporting any concerning behavior or suspicious items to school administration or law enforcement immediately.

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