A policy created by the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) will force gun dealers to provide addresses of gun purchasers to the FBI. The policy states that Federally licensed arms dealers must now present the FBI with the personal address of anyone who makes a gun purchase and is either delayed in their transaction or denied. The FBI will also give additional personal information of these individuals to local law enforcement. The change in policy comes at President Biden’s behest, and updates old procedures in which dealers only needed to provide the state of residence to the FBI.

Gun Owners of America obtained an email from the FBI with details on the new policy:

“The NICS Denial Notification Act of 2022 requires the FBI’s NICS Section to notify state, local, or tribal law enforcement of all FBI NICS denied transactions within 24 hours. The FBI must provide notification to law enforcement based upon the location of the FFL and if different, the purchaser’s address,”

Many have already come out to slam the policy as another form of FBI overreach. Michael Cargill, owner of The Central Texas Gun Works, believes it is unconstitutional and specifically questions why the address of someone who merely has their transaction delayed must be sent to the FBI. In a press release Cargill stated, “Neither the ATF nor the FBI can act beyond the authority of Congress and violate the Constitution by furthering the ultimate goal of creating an illegal firearms owner database.”

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