Detrick Saulter, an activist and community leader in Memphis, has decided it is time for citizens in his city to create a better relationship with law enforcement. Memphis saw an increase in crime by 19% last year and Saulter has noticed that many in his community view police officers as the enemy. 

Saulter founded F.A.T.H.E.R.S., an organization dedicated to maintaining strong bonds between children and their fathers, and he has been inviting police officers to the organization’s events. He says has done this because, “The kids need to see a better relationship between the police and the parents or the police and the guys in the community, so it won’t always be a negative stereotype when they pull up”. 

The hope is to repair mistrust and negative views of police that have grown in communities in order to lower the crime rate. Saulter says, “The actual job of the officer is to protect you, to make sure you are safe, but in the community, they think it’s different”. He concluded, “”A lot of stuff can be avoided if you just know the officer”.

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1 year ago

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