Photo by Chris O'Neil

Much to the disappointment of the of the anti-gun movement, a recent study has found that millions of Americans became first time gun owners over the past two years. A survey done by the National Shooting Sports Foundation reported that 13.8 million of gun sales during 2020 and 2021 were purchased by first time gun owners. With crime rampant in cities across the country it is easy to understand why people may be seeking out firearms as a form of self defense for the first time.

To further compound the misery on gun control groups, it was also found that 90% of these new gun owners are minorities and women. Will Rose, the owner of BMC Firearms in Connecticut, created a shop which looked to normalize gun ownership for African Americans and create a “comfortable and non-intimidating experience” for first time buyers. 

With the purchase of a first firearm also comes the desire and demand for education and training. Instructors like Becca Mineo have noticed an increase in women who are seeking out training for firearm safety. Mineo says she wants “to help people be safe and feel comfortable throughout the process of going from the beginning to being able to go to the range on their own”. 

It seems to be clear that minorities, women, and Americans have disregarded the scare tactics which democrats throw at gun ownership. Instead they have decided to take control of their own protection by investing in a firearm.

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