According to ABC7 Buffalo:

The parking lot behind the Tri-Main Center will be transformed into a crushing site for more than 300 toy guns, which have been collected from Buffalo, and some cities as far as East Aurora. The scraps will then be turned into a beautiful art project in conjunction with the Buffalo Arts Studio.

The toys, which were collected in June, were organized by the Western New York Peacemakers and Buffalo F.A.T.H.E.R.S, as a way to combat gun violence.

It is called “The Big Crush”.

Lane said, “We’re going to lay them out in this parking lot and we’re going to actually take a steamroller to them and we’re going to crush them. I mean crush them in a way, we wanted to do something beautiful with it, like art.”

“It will be a performance piece and Lenny will be a performer. He will be riding a steamroller and he will be crushing the guns. From there, we’ll take all the pieces, gather them up, then we’ll come back to the Buffalo Arts Studio,” Leader said.

From there, Buffalo artist, Leader, will organize a plastic party for young kids to sort through and come up with ideas on a plastic art piece.

“I want them to see the scope of this. Maybe the next time they’re in Walmart and they’re going shopping for their kids and they go to look at the toy department, and they see a huge line of toys guns in incredible packaging… maybe that’s not the right Christmas gift,” Leader said.

Leader added that she tried burning the toy guns but that did not work because the material was too strong.

Read more at ABC7 Buffalo.

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