According to the Washington Examiner:

A Milwaukee mother of two shot and killed an intruder who entered her home Monday.

The woman, who is choosing to remain anonymous, said she was in the shower before work Monday morning when her two children, 12 and 14, alerted her to a man in the home by screaming. They were in the living room at the time, but it remains to be seen how the man, in his 30s, broke into the home.

When the mother jumped out of the shower, still wet, she grabbed her gun from her bedroom. She next reported seeing her two pit bull dogs already attacking the man. The man attempted to lunge toward her before she shot him multiple times.

“He wouldn’t stop coming,” the mother said.

Milwaukee Police subsequently arrested the mother but released her following questioning. They have not identified the man and will not be releasing more information surrounding the shooting. The case is now under review by the district attorney.

The mother reportedly bought the gun used in this case 10 years ago after discovering a man under her son’s bed. She hoped it was just a precautionary measure, telling local outlets she did not want to have to use it.

Read more at the Washington Examiner.

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