Photo of the ATF Headquarters / via dbking

A firearms store has posted disturbing video footage to social media showing a member of an ATF audit team sneakily taking pictures of the store’s firearms records using a cell phone camera.

According to Law Enforcement Today:

Black Metal Firearms posted what appears to be an egregious overreach by a federal agency to their Instagram page.

In the :11 second video, a member of the ATF Audit team can be seen taking pictures of every page of the stores Acquisitions and Dispensations (A&D) books with a cell phone.

Store owner Dave Nagel has more than 20 minutes of footage showing Industry Operations Investigator (IOI) Pamela Scott methodically going page by page and taking photos with every turn.

Nagel said that the ATF traditionally documents specific errors. They do not document every page and capture all purchasing information.

Let that sink in. The auditor was snapping photos of every page of the A&D books, according to Nagel, and capturing names, addresses, serial numbers, gun makes and models and other identifying details. EVERY PAGE.

Read more at Law Enforcement Today.

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