Baby Browning with case / Photo by Grace Boatright

Since the life-changing decision in New York State Pistol and Rifle Association v. Buren, concealed carry classes have been filed. Now new gun owners are running into all sorts of problems with finding available classes and in some cases finding holsters and such for common firearms.

From Bearing Arms:

That cost doesn’t include the four-hour training required to obtain a Handgun Qualification License, which is a prerequisite to possessing a handgun in the home in Maryland. By the time you add up all the government-imposed fees and the cost of training most folks are still going to have to pony up $500 or more just to obtain a license allowing them to exercise a fundamental right.

The fact that so many people are actively seeking out their concealed carry license despite the steep price tag is a clear sign that these “may issue” laws have been more popular with anti-gun politicians than many of their constituents, but Maryland still has a long way to go before the Second Amendment is treated like the fundamental right that it is. Not only does the state still have a ban on so-called assault weapons and “high capacity” magazines in place (lawsuits challenging those bans have recently been sent back down to lower courts by SCOTUS), but the high price of obtaining a carry license is also ripe for legal review, given that most folks living paycheck-to-paycheck are going to be hard-pressed to come up with $500 to cover the cost of training and application fees.
Still, the Bruen decision is already having a positive impact in formerly “may issue” states like Maryland, and hopefully there are more improvements on the way; though progress is probably going to have to come from litigation and not legislation in the deep blue Democratic bastion.
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