A Forced Reset Trigger from Rare Breed Trigger / Photo by Rare Breed Triggers

A man in Holyoke, Massachusetts was arrested for violating the National Firearms Act and several other firearm-related charges. One of the charges that have stood out to many is the charge for possession of a Forced Reset Trigger (FRT).

These little devices were legal not that long ago and the legitimacy behind their ban is dubious. These devices do not make firearms full automatic, these triggers reset every time a round is fired out of the gun and this does raise the rate of fire of a semi-automatic firearm.

As reported by Ammoland:

Mr. Augusto has been under investigation since February. On February 23, 2022, federal and local law enforcement officials claimed that Augusto was in unlawful possession of multiple unregistered firearms. Under Massachusetts State law, a gun owner must register their firearms. He was also found to possess several standard compacity magazines that are illegal in the state.

Mr. Augustro also had two suppressors lacking any markings. These silencers appeared to be homemade. Under the NFA, all hearing protection silencers must be registered with the ATF, and the owner must obtain a tax stamp to be able to own one. Making a homemade silencer is not illegal, although the end user must fill out an ATF Form 1, assign a serial number to the suppressor, and have the suppressor engraved.

The United States Attorney’s Office alleges none of that was done.

The ATF claims that Mr. Augustro had 42 machine gun conversion devices. Glock machine gun conversion switches accounted for 38 of these devices. These devices are available on Chinese websites and allow users to convert their Glock pistol into a machine gun. The ATF and postal inspectors have been cracking down on these devices.


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