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Policing in America has become a strange affair. Officers are bailing out to avoid the personal harassment from the BLM folks, and those that remain can’t even really do their job due to progressive prosecutors letting every Sam, Joe, and Bobby go. So it’s a multifaceted problem, and the most prominent and immediate solution is to buy a gun and keep yourself safe.

Police across the nation are quitting in record numbers, and there is little that can be done to stop the bleeding. Talking with several police officers, they have pointed out that the main reasons for this are pay, inability to accomplish anything meaningful, and personal harassment from family, friends, and strangers. There are, of course, other reasons, but these three reasons keep coming up in my conversations. Police in America are also being overworked, which is terrible for officers and citizens who now have to interact with tired and unmotivated police forces across the country.

Progressive DAs are primarily to blame for this uptick in workload and a general feeling that officers can not do their jobs. These public officials are letting criminals go in droves, leaving many officers upset, as the individual they just caught red-handed is getting off. To make matters worse, these criminals leave the local jail to commit the same crimes they were initially arrested for. While that contributes to the workload issue, there is another component when someone who is not immediately attracted to a life of crimes sees that there are no consequences. They suddenly become a lot more motivated to join in the fun.

Many officers have looked at this stacked deck and opted to flee the force, finding work elsewhere. Those who have decided to stay are one of two people. They are either dedicated to that line of work or praying daily for the swift and sudden change. Or, they are desperate for work and likely not someone that should be allowed a career in law enforcement. This is what the first group of cops pointed out to me while we discussed these topics ad nauseam.

Let’s look at some consequences of what has been happening. First, the New Orleans Police response time is up two and half hours due to these ongoings. This is bad. You could wind up dead before the police ever shop if you find yourself in a situation where you need police assistance immediately.

We recently reported on a story about the police in New York City showing up an entire day late after a woman called 911 three times. The woman was effectively being held hostage by her intoxicated ex-boyfriend, who had just stabbed her, but the police were nowhere in sight. Thankfully, everyone was okay in the end, and the injuries she sustained were minor, but good golly, is that unacceptable!

Nothing but problems for police departments across the country, and there is little hope for any meaningful change in the next few years. So with all that in mind, it’s time you start looking after yourself.

Seasoned gun owners know that the police will not always be their friends. Wait! Allow me to rephrase that. Anyone with a brain knows that the police will not always be your friend. Anyone with a brain should also note that the police will not be able to protect you in instances where they are your friend.

You should rely on yourself and buy a firearm for personal protection. The old adage is that six 9mm rounds are much faster than dialing 911.

Americans everywhere learned this back in 2020, which is why we saw a massive boom in gun sales, something that should make gun owners happy as the best way to get involved in the fight for the 2nd Amendment is to buy a gun yourself.

Things will get a lot worse before they get any better. You would be wise to remember this.

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